About me

Developer with experience in large scale and high load projects. Fluent in Rust and Python, competent in Java and Golang. Achieve velocity by improving quality and following best practices: automated testing, code review, documentation. Aspired to become a principal engineer. Believe in open communication and personal responsibility. Demonstrated ability to improve developer environment in all my projects.

Work experience

Years Job
May. 2021

ConsenSys - Remote
ConsenSys is the leading Ethereum software company.

Senior Protocol Engineer

  • Implementation of a rollup, scaling solution for Ethereum blockchain, written in Rust from proof of concept to production ready services with PostgreSQL and Kafka as data storages and deployed on Kubernetes.
  • Developing, testing and deployment of smart contract parts of the rollup.
  • Integrating Zero Knowledge circuits, written in Golang.
  • Analyzing performance of Rust codebase, writing benchmarks, identifying bottlenecks and refactoring architecture to meet performance requirements.
  • Writing documentation and contributing to specification.

  • Improved performance of the main flow of execution to 5k transactions per second. Reduced smart contract gas usage by approximately 30%.
  • Designed contract based testing between Rust, Golang and Solidity codebases which simplified cases around zero knowledge proofs.
  • Tuned metrics collecting and built Grafana dashboards for performance benchmarks analysis.
May. 2017 -
May. 2021

Booking.com - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Booking.com is an engine for lodging reservations.

Software Developer

  • Deployment of highly available services with millions of users. Firefighiting, investigating and acting on "Reason for Outage" process.
  • Back end development of guests and partners facing web sites.
  • Run and analyze A/B tests.

  • Built micro services for integration with tours & activities providers for scalable and high frequency import of new supply, with Java, MySQL, Kafka. Built alerting and monitoring.
  • Built continuous delivery pipeline on Gitlab with Kubernetes, ElasticSearch and Python.
  • Improved performance of entrepreneurial partners by integrating cancellation policy recommendation model.
  • Contributed to community driven projects: Python libraries, developer tools.
  • Won hackathon with tool for visual text editor for copywriters for Sketch, where I built backend part.
Apr. 2015 -
Apr. 2017

Toptal - Remote
Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers and designers in the world.

Software Developer

  • Full-stack development of the web portal for EverCharge, electric vehicle charging company. Technologies: Flask, PostgreSQL, Celery, AWS, Stripe
  • Back end development of API authorization layer for Civinomics, crowd-sourced polling platform. Technologies: Django REST Framework, MySQL
  • Full-stack development of the web portal for Walkio pet care services company. Technologies: Django, PostgreSQL DigitalOcean, Stripe
  • Front-end development for Staffmatch, french outstaffing company. Technologies: React.js, Redux and ES6.

  • Developed web portal from scratch for EverCharge. It has automated billing, customer signup and payout logic. Increased number of automated tests from 0 to around 500 for faster delivery.
  • Decreased cost of monthly billing by migrating to Stripe for EverCharge.
  • Established SMS communication between customers and pet walkers using Twillio for Walkio.
Aug. 2014 -
Jul. 2015

Positive Technologies - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Positive Technologies is a leading provider of vulnerability assessment, compliance management and threat analysis solutions.

Software Test Engineer

  • Development automated tests for several subsystems of Web Application Firewall
  • Consultation for performance testing.

  • Improved regression testing by introducing Selenium automated tests for Web UI of Web Application Firewall.
Aug. 2012 -
Feb. 2014

Dino Systems - Saint Petersburg, Russia
DINS (DINO Systems) is an R&D center of RingCentral, Inc. (USA) - leading provider of cloud-based business telephone system for small and medium businesses.

Senior Performance Test Engineer

  • Full process of performance testing from feature understanding and test planing to running developed tests and data analysis.
  • Development automated performance tests for SOAP API (C#) and Telephony system (Python).
  • Strong collaboration with Operations and Dev teams for fast problem solving and improving testing process.

  • Reduced the time of creating a performance test report by 30% by suggesting, designing and developing a web portal for test results. Based on Python and Django, PostgreSQL, Celery and AmCharts.
Jun. 2011 -
Aug. 2012

Devexperts - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Devexperts is a financial software provider of professional software systems for on-line brokerage, exchange, and financial activities mostly on stock, options, and Forex markets.

Performance Test Engineer

  • Performance tests configuration, run, validation and data analysis
  • Administration of test environment in the Amazon Web Services

  • Developed a software for automatic collection and processing performance tests results. It decreased human errors and data loss.
Total: 12.9 years in software development industry


  • Languages: Rust, Golang, Solidity, Java, Python, JavaScript, Perl
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Hive, Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB
  • Frameworks: Tokio, Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, React.js, Dropwizard
  • Technologies: Linux, Git, Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, Grafana
  • Other: SQL, HTTP, Service-Oriented Architecture, Continuous Integration, Web Application Security, Agile Methodologies, Object-Oriented Programming, A/B Testing


ITMO University – Saint Petersburg, Russia

Master's Degree in Information Technology

Training / Certificates

Side Projects

  • Exercism. Mentor on Python track.
  • AM2302 Temperature Sensor Driver. A driver for AM2302 temperature sensor.
  • Sizumcrem. A Web shop that for selling merchandise for music bands. It is written from scratch in Python, Flask, PostgreSQL and SQLAlchemy. It integrated with online payment system and post office and telegram messenger.
  • PyJTT. (Jira Time Tracker) - Cross platform desktop application for time tracking in Atlassian JIRA. Based on PyQt and Python 3.
  • Kidstat. Web application that provides categorisation of child growth standards, using world health organisation data. It is built on top of Flask, MongoDB and React.js.