About me

Proficient in python, javascript and web technologies. Broad knowledge of application development life cycle. Open to new technologies. Can pick a right tool for a given problem. Follow best practices: unit testing, code review, documentation. Always seek for ways to improve existing things. Can understand business values and goals, which allows to effectively communicate with stakeholders. Think proactively and responsible for meet deadlines and maintain good motivation. Active open-source community contributor.

Work experience

Years Job
Apr. 2015

Toptal - Remote

Software Engineer

Aug. 2014 -
Jul. 2015

Positive Technologies - Saint Petersburg, Russia

Software Test Engineer

  • Development of automated tests for several subsystems of Application Firewall
  • Consultation for performance testing
  • Introduced Selenium-based Web-UI testing
  • Improved testing process by moving vulnerable applications into Docker containers.
Aug. 2012 -
Feb. 2014

Dino Systems - Saint Petersburg, Russia. R&D center of Ringcentral, San Mateo, California

Senior Performance Test Engineer

  • Full process of performance testing from feature understanding and creation of test plan to running developed test and data analysis
  • Development tests for SOAP API (C#) and Telephony system (Python)
  • Strong collaboration with Operations and Dev teams for fast problem solving and improving testing process
  • Suggested, designed and developed web portal for aggregation performance test results. It reduced the time spent on report creation by 30 percent. Based on Django framework, PostgreSQL, Celery and AmCharts.
Jun. 2011 -
Aug. 2012

Devexperts - Saint Petersburg, Russia

Performance Test Engineer

  • Performance tests configuration, run, validation and data analysis
  • Administration of test environment in Amazon EC2
  • Developed script for automatic collection and processing of results from performance tests. It decreased the amount of human error and data loss
  • Designed and successfully ran performance tests for an industrial monitoring system on a tight schedule.
Total: 7.2 years in software development industry


  • Languages: Python, Javascript, Java, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks: Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Django REST Framework, React, Redux
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL
  • Technologies: Linux, Git, Mercurial, Nginx, Apache, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Jenkins, PyCharm, Vagrant
  • Other: OOP, Design Patterns, TCP/IP, SQL, HTTP, REST, Web Security, Git Flow

Personal projects